проходить имя существительное:
проход (pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, access)
передача (broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, communication)
перевал (pass, passage)
пас (pass)
пропуск (pass, skip, omission, permit, gap, out)
пасс (pass)
путь (way, path, route, road, pathway, pass)
паспорт (passport, certificate, pass, protection)
ущелье (canyon, ravine, pass, defile, Gap, rift)
канал (channel, canal, duct, conduit, opening, pass)
дефиле (defile, pass, bottleneck, ravine)
контрамарка (pass, paper, check, pass-out, pass-check, pass-out check)
выпад (lunge, thrust, invective, hit, insult, pass)
фарватер (fairway, Channel, waterway, seaway, pass, clearway)
калибр (caliber, gauge, gage, size, bore, pass)
бесплатный билет (pass, freebie)
увольнительная записка (pass)
фокус (focus, trick, stunt, juggle, pass)
ручей (stream, creek, brook, groove, rivulet, pass)
посредственная оценка (pass)
сдача экзамена без отличия (pass)
пролив (strait, channel, opening, pass, neck)
ручей валка (pass)
проулок (pass)
критическое положение (emergency, edge, push, pass)
судоходное русло (waterway, pass)
бесплатный проезд (pass)
краткосрочный отпуск (pass)
проход для рыбы в плотине (pass)
проходить (pass, penetrate, go, run, cover, go by)
передавать (pass, transfer, transmit, send, convey, communicate)
переходить (go, proceed, pass, turn, transfer, jump)
пропускать (miss, skip, pass, miss out, omit, ignore)
принимать (take, accept, receive, adopt, assume, pass)
сдавать (hand over, surrender, turn in, pass, deliver, yield)
миновать (pass, escape, clear, be over, overblow, blow over)
проезжать (pass, pass by, go, get by, do)
выносить (take out, endure, tolerate, take away, stand, pass)
проводить (spend, conduct, carry out, hold, lead, pass)
идти (go, walk, move, follow, run, pass)
пасовать (pass, be unable to cope)
пересекать (cross, intersect, cross over, traverse, pass, cut)
обгонять (outrun, pass, outstrip, outrace, outdrive, outdistance)
выдерживать (withstand, stand, survive, support, sustain, pass)
протекать (flow, pass, seep)
давать (let, give, afford, provide, produce, pass)
переправляться (cross, pass, cross over, pass over, get across, traverse)
переправлять (pass, convey, put across)
происходить (occur, happen, take place, be, come, pass)
удовлетворять (satisfy, meet, fulfill, respond, serve, pass)
протянуть (pass, live out)
сходить (descend, go down, step off, go off, come off, pass)
иметь (have, keep, bear, own, hold, pass)
исчезать (disappear, vanish, pass away, go, lose, pass)
переезжать (move, cross, leave, pass, move about, transit)
сдавать экзамен (take an examination, pass)
перевозить (carry, transport, haul, ferry, tote, pass)
превышать (exceed, surpass, outreach, transcend, go beyond, pass)
испускать (emit, give off, send out, emanate, pass, send forth)
появиться (pass, reveal itself, come into sight, come in sight)
опережать (advance, leave behind, outpace, outstrip, anticipate, pass)
высказывать (speak, give, State, give Voice to, vent, pass)
уплыть (swim away, float away, sail away, pass)
умирать (die, perish, go, be dying, expire, pass)
случаться (happen, occur, match, Be, take place, pass)
двигаться вперед (go ahead, go along, pass, have way on, hup)
кончаться (end, finish, result, stop, run out, pass)
превращаться (turn, transform, turn into, grow into, turn to, pass)
выдержать экзамен (get through, pass, pass one's examination)
быть принятым (go, pass, go through)
произносить (pronounce, say, utter, deliver, enunciate, pass)
мелькнуть (flash, glance, pass)
продергивать (pass, weed out)
прекращаться (stop, cease, discontinue, end, finish, pass)
пускать в обращение (put into circulation, issue, pass, publish, monetize, utter)
иметь хождение (be in use, go, pass, go about)
делать выпад (lunge, pass, tilt at, tilt against)
опускать (let down, lower, Down, drop, sink, pass)
ставить зачет (pass)
проходить незамеченным (pass)
делать замечание (admonish, pass, remark, observe)
быть в обращении (go, pass, circulate)
быть вынесенным (pass)
иметь место (take place, occur, come off, pass, intervene)
получать одобрение (okeh, pass, OK)
выдерживать испытание (stand the test, pass, bear the test)
не объявлять (pass)
уплывать (pass)
выходить за пределы (go beyond, outstep, pass, overreach, lap over, overflow)

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